17 Jun 2012

Hope everyone's enjoying summer so far!

Today is father's day, so remember to give the old man a call and maybe ride together and/or share a good meal if you get a chance.

Sorry I've been out of the loop lately.  Uncle Sam has had me doing 12 to 16 hour days for the past couple weeks, and there hasn't been much left in the mental tank by the time I get home.  Fortunately, I'll be back in MN on leave for two weeks startin June 24!   Any Zen Bastards in the area lets find some time to hangout and ride (hopefully I can borrow my old man's bike as mine are not going to be available)!  Unfortunately the meet as it was planned earlier this year isn't going to happen, but we can still get together and have some fun as schedule's will allow...let me know if you need my number and we can find time to meet.

Hopefully by now, pretty much everyone has sent Jeremy a letter.  Keep em comin, I will get the info on his commissary account and pass that along so we can help or brother get some writing supplies and whatnot.

I hope everyone is out there havin fun this summer,  let's see some pics of summer adventures!

5 Jun 2012

Ok so this is long overdue, but heres some pics of me (doing my "nerrr" face, my sweetie and fiance Ana (gettin hitched this friday! whoa), our little girl Gabriella (due July 12), and my VTX 1300 as it sits now (I friggin hate that rear fender floatin in the air like a cats ass in heat! Is is just me or what?) Hola to you Bastardos, what the frig is hap-pening yo!?

By the way Im leanin strongly towards cashin in the VTX and getting something with a bit more soul and more room to add weird home-fabbed junk parts and cut shit off with no sweat. Im thinkin older sporty or maybe an old cb750? Gots ta be cheap yet safe. Junk is in the eye of the beholder. Rat bike or bare bones is a good thing. Whats a good foundation bike thats a decent interstate 2-up runner, has room for choppin and such, and I can get for a couple G's? Muchas Gracias

3 Jun 2012

Michael Jordan rocks tall Zees

Looks like the tall Zees that Rene whipped up awhile back finally found a good Bastard home. The proportions are perfect on MJ's sporty frontend, and knowing how big that dude is I'm betting the height and reach is pretty spot on, as well.