6 Oct 2012

Rising sun project update

So Ive been squeezing in some work on the GS1000 in the past few weeks. Some of it went smooth, some of it was a bitch, I guess thats how it goes with a 33 year old bike. The previous owner claimed that I could clean the carbs and it should fire up and run fine. Well, it fired up. Run fine? Not so much. Fast forward, Ive got the motor apart and ready for a top and bottom motor rebuild (just to start from square one since I dont know the history of this bad mamma jamma). O by the way, Pat says this bike of mine is probably the model Toe Cutter rode on Mad Max. Thats mad awesome! Gonna need some Animal and Hawk style spiked football shoulder pads asap. Thats right, Pats back. So glad to have you back home brother. Love you man.

So shit done so far:

1. stripped garbage (fairing, luggage rack, engine guards, gauge cluster, 25 lb seat, etc) - lost approx 80 lbs!
2. took of shoebox sized airbox - impossible with the carbs etc on these inline fours, fully dismantled and cleaned carbs. I didnt want to put that box back in so I ordered clamp on pods and rejetted a few sizes up and shimmed the slide needle.
3. Ass end of this bike up sky high like a damn kitty cat in heat, so I cut off 5 coils on the shocks. Im sure it will be a janky ride, but this gets me by till Im feeling a little more financially irresponsible.
4. This bike has air adjustable forks, so I pumped it up like arnold.
5. With the ass draggin now, I had to shim up the battery box about 3 inches to clear the swingarm.
6. I set up a deal to trade the luggage rack and back rest for a healthy rear tire and electronic ignition/coils
7. Pulled the motor, and stripped top end, so much shit in there i decided to do the whole thing. Cleaned, then cleaned, then brushed, then dipped, then cleaned, and pressure washed, and cleaned the motor casings, block, head, pistons and valves. Ordered gaskets, seals, bought engine enamel, cap head allen bolts throughout motor - color = flat black with stainless bolts.
8. Hacked off 4 exhaust pipes - Lost another 20lbs
9. Drilled out, fucked with, and screamed at stuck exhaust bolt
10. In denial about stuck bolt, what else can I do to keep distracted?
11. Finally got that bolt out, well ground it out to dust, and retapped the manifold.

Shit to do/get:

1. headlight
2. clean frame, chain, wheels
3. mount new rear tire
4. try to salvage needed electrical or rewire with chopper minimal
5. find acceptable seat (trying for two-up but everything is so chunky - suggestions?
6. bmx pedals floor boards
7. new petcock?
8. paint frame, fork lowers
9. paint and reassemble motor
10. test ride mid december?

Pics tomorrow when I find the camera usb. Chow Bastards