5 Jun 2012

Ok so this is long overdue, but heres some pics of me (doing my "nerrr" face, my sweetie and fiance Ana (gettin hitched this friday! whoa), our little girl Gabriella (due July 12), and my VTX 1300 as it sits now (I friggin hate that rear fender floatin in the air like a cats ass in heat! Is is just me or what?) Hola to you Bastardos, what the frig is hap-pening yo!?

By the way Im leanin strongly towards cashin in the VTX and getting something with a bit more soul and more room to add weird home-fabbed junk parts and cut shit off with no sweat. Im thinkin older sporty or maybe an old cb750? Gots ta be cheap yet safe. Junk is in the eye of the beholder. Rat bike or bare bones is a good thing. Whats a good foundation bike thats a decent interstate 2-up runner, has room for choppin and such, and I can get for a couple G's? Muchas Gracias

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  1. Nice pics man! Can't wait to hang up that zen fish back in Minnesota where it belongs, haha. Quite a nice lookin little family unit you guys got there, congrats again by the way!

    Try puttin the bike up on Craigslist for Mankato and Minneapolis and see if you get any bites. Good luck man, can't wait to see you guys!