17 Sep 2012

Winter project of the rising sun

So since my last post, my quiver of bikes has undergone some changes. The old (actually way too new 2006) Honda VTX I had, my first bike actually, sold a couple weeks after I posted it on craig's. I bought that thing for 4500, put around 1700 in it, and sold it for 6500. I know its no big profit, but Ana and I were strapped and it had to go. Were currently bumming along fine. Both of us are back in school and Gabby is now two months old.

So, about the bikes, I couldnt stand watching the season go by with no bike. I started scouring craigs for a cheap sporty, but there not my kind of cheap, so I steered back towards the japanese market. First I was hoping for an SOHC four CB 750, but those are apparently too trendy right now so hard to find and stupid pricey. After riding a few 70s-80s inline fours, I realized the vibration frequency is so high that it almost tickles in the bars and pegs. That led me to look for a large displacement four, with the theory that a bigger motor can produce the power at a lower rpm. A little more craig's time and I picked up a 79 Suzuki GS 1000 for $650. It was so ugly with the monster fairing and luggage rack. Perfect candidate for a bopper chobber project.

In the first phase, I dropped 90lbs off it. Then, so far I just cleaned and rejetted the carbs, all four of the bitches, and ordered some clamp on open element filters cause the airbox is bigger than a shoe box and it jams the carbs in so their impossible to work on. I only want to remove that box once. I took the shocks apart and cut off four coils to drop it about 4-5 inches, might go more but I want to ride it first. Ill get the float bowl gaskets this week and then I can hopefully bring her to life (fingers crossed).

Shit to do: (wow I cant believe you read all this, thanks) headlight, smaller speedo, rear tire (150 - 90-17) tubeless, find swing arm king and queen (Help!) or a nice bitch bar (im tryin to retain two up capability while still doing minor bobbin, side mount plate and brake light, degrease and paint, hope the thing runs - if not, rebuild motor. Stayin on the super cheap.

old new vtx SOLD
gs1000 with full garbage


make the azz drop (probably more yet)

My girls

Later zen bastards. got parts? suggestions? criticisms? streams of incoherent curse words? lets have em.

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  1. Thank God some of you Bastards are still kickin !! Keep us in the loop de loop, cheers.