28 May 2012

Some quick mock up pics

I finally hooked up with a local welder/ drag car builder guy to get some bungs welded that had me stuck progress-wise for awhile now...THANKS SHAWN!!  My photo skills suck, but trust me his tig skills do not.  Gas tank mounting bungs, seat spring mounts, upper fender mount bungs, and rear oil tank mount bungs, yeehaw! 

Some very nice beads on his work today, and I plan to go back later to get my sissybar  mount bungs and sissy to fender support strap and upper motor mount welded by Shawn, as well.  Here's a few quick mock up pics from after I got home:

PS-hope everybody is havin fun and takin it easy today, CHEERS YOU ZEN BASTARDS!


  1. Nice job pat, love the look of the mosheen, especially the sissy bar, rad !!!

    1. Thanks dog! I plan to put some more up as soon as I get a few more things taken care of. Cheers!

  2. Lookin GREAT brother!! Almost done now!!